Concrete additives

and admixtures



Impregnating varnish for concrete

Product description

  • Silicone resin-based varnish for the impregnation of concrete. Used for the protection of concrete surfaces, e.g. coloured paving blocks. Regenerates faded surfaces, protects them from the effects of weather conditions, prevents colour fading, protects from UV radiation. Intended for the renovation of existing coloured paving blocks which have faded due to weathering. Penetrating into the concrete by up to 0.5 mm, the varnish forms an invisible coat which does not wash out for 5 years, giving it a "wet block" effect.


  • paving blocks
  • curbs
  • paving slabs
  • concrete fences
  • architectural concrete
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BAUFERT operates its own laboratory which conducts tests relating to concrete, mixes and raw materials. As part of the Factory Production Control System Certification we also run a technological department which supervises the quality of manufactured iron oxide pigments.