Non- organic

granulated pigments


GREEN 5605 G

Non-organic granulated pigments

Product description

  • better resistance to light and weather conditions – they do not fade when exposed to light
  • resistance to low and high temperatures
  • resistance to alkali I and weak acids
  • high tinctorial strength
  • even colouration.


Used for production and dyeing in:

  • construction – for dyeing of vibration-pressed products, pre-cast concrete units and concrete mixes (used in the production of concrete setts, enclosures, tiles, calcium silicate bricks, roofing tiles, concrete mortars, grouts and terrazzo).
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BAUFERT operates its own laboratory which conducts tests relating to concrete, mixes and raw materials. As part of the Factory Production Control System Certification we also run a technological department which supervises the quality of manufactured iron oxide pigments.