Titanium white

This is specially powdered titanium(IV) oxide, TiO2. The pigments of titanium dioxide (known in the industry as titanium white) are the most widely used inorganic pigments. They owe their popularity mainly to the opacifying, brightening and lightening qualities they impart on pigmented products.
Applications of titanium white:

  • titanium white is used as a pigment or dye in paints and varnishes but is also added to polymers, rubber, paper and food
  • a component used in the production of ceramic materials
  • active component in the production of pharmaceuticals (a dye in the production of drugs), cosmetics (a dye in toothpaste and an agent producing unique optical effects e.g. in make-up foundations) and in household chemicals (an additive in washing powders with whitening effect)
  • in the production of high-quality paper and some types of printing ink
  • in plastic processing (production of polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride) titanium white obtained from rutile is used.


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BAUFERT operates its own laboratory which conducts tests relating to concrete, mixes and raw materials. As part of the Factory Production Control System Certification we also run a technological department which supervises the quality of manufactured iron oxide pigments.