This is an end product of sulphite liquor processing in the paper pulp industry and a byproduct of sulphite cooking of wood in the process of obtaining cellulose.

  • in the production of fireproof materials as a temporary binder
  • as a corrective additive in the production of lightweight expanded clay aggregate (LECA)
  • as a binding with increased water-resistance used for dust suppression and ground strengthening in the construction of roads and mining headings
  • in the chemical industry for the production of pesticides and seed dressing
  • for granulating carbon black and porous fillers made from powdered bulk materials and charges
  • for pelletizing black metal ores and briquetting small coal fractions or special-use coke, and in the production of aluminosilicate briquettes.


Lignosulfonian sodium:

Characteristics Values
Mass fraction of primary substances, %, max. 66
Mass fraction of dry substances, %, min 92
Ash content, in relation to dry substances’ mass, %, max. 25
pH 05/04
Mass fraction of reducing substances, %, max. 7
Appearance Powder
Colour Brown

Package: big-bag 500 kg

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