Baufert lab

BAUFERT operates its own laboratory which conducts tests relating to concrete, mixes and raw materials. As part of the Factory Production Control System Certification we also run a technological department which supervises the quality of manufactured iron oxide pigments.

In addition, we conduct experimental and developmental research focusing on the application of broadly defined chemistry in our products.

On request of our partners, our laboratory develops special formulas for concrete mixes suitable for particular investment projects.

We also run a mobile laboratory which has been adapted to carry out quality inspections of the mixes and to take concrete samples directly from construction sites.

Our laboratory also conducts analyses of raw materials, including aggregates and admixtures. We maintain an on-going contact with the technological departments of our suppliers in order to optimise the quality of concrete components.


Scope of research:

Concrete mix:

  • consistency analysis using a slump cone
  • consistency analysis using the method of density level marking
  • consistency analysis using a flow table test
  • density analysis
  • air content analysis in a fresh concrete mix (pressure method)

Hardened concrete:

  • testing compressive strength
  • testing bending strength
  • analysing concrete density
  • depth of penetration of water under pressure
  • water permeability in concrete (waterproofness)
  • water absorption of concrete
  • testing frost resistance of concrete